WNC News/Event

Every species is better alive than dead be it of Humans or Animals or Birds or Trees. Everything is for us all the Earth, the Water & the Breeze. Theme: "Sustaining all lives on Earth" We know the importance of life and the need to conserve our environment & wildlife. On the occasion of World Wildlife Day i.e. 3rd March 2020, WNC (WILDLIFE & NATURE CONSERVATION) in association with Cyclo Freaks organised a Cycle Ride on 1st march 2020. This was our effort to raise awareness. A small session was also held at Indore Zoo where Mr TS Suliya (DFO Indore ),Mr Anil Nagar (Rtd. IFS), Mr Sandeep Gautam (SDO, Indore) briefed the participants and also explained how we can carry this message forward and aware others about this cause. We at WNC would like to thank Dr Uttam Yadav who gave us permission to include Zoo as a crucial part of our rally. This added both nature, wildlife, colours & beauty to our cause. The rally ended by paying respect and gratitude to the legendary Devi Ahilyabai Holkar through a floral tribute. .