WNC News/Event

Kuno National park is located in Sheopur dist. Of Madhya Pradesh. It is under consideration for rehabilitation of Lion and cheetah, at present lion is only found in GIR national park, Gujrat in India and cheetah is extinct from india. Kuno National Park has vast richness and diversity of flora and fauna. It’s being our pleasure to announce the Vulture & Bird Survey at Sheopur- Kuno National Park. The Department of the forest had planned to conduct this survey with the objective to explore the Vultures & Birds diversity in various habitats of the park. It will help to establish key hotspots for further studies with a scientific approach. The forest management of Sheopur-Kuno National Park has planned to conduct an exhaustive Vulture & Bird survey with organizing support from Wildlife & Nature Conservancy (WNC, Indore). The participation fees will be Rs 1000.00, it will comprise of the welfare of forest guards/Chowkidaars, Welcome Kit, Medical Kit, & Refreshments. For the said project, Please send us your filled application that is enclosed with this invitation on or before 05.11.2020 selected participants will be intimated by 08.11.2020 and Online Deposit of Fee by 15.11.2020 and participation will be confirmed only after fees deposition. The Flow of the survey is as follows:- On 26th November 2020 assemble by 12:00 hours at Kuno-Sheopur forest office, District Sheopur (M.P). Thereafter registration formalities will be carried out & you will have to present your negative COVID Report. After briefing the groups shall depart for respective camps, rest houses, and campsite. 0n 27th & 28th November 2020 surveys will begin at 06:300 Hours till noon and a second leg post-lunch until 17:00 hours from the assigned sites or instead the teams can do a single full-day survey starting at 06:30 hours (and carry their respective lunch packs) On 29th November 2020, the teams are to report to the Base Camp at 10.00 hours for concluding the session, sharing of ebird lists with official Id and photographs sharing on Google Drive, Departure by 11.00 Hrs. after Breakfast. There will be basic facilities (food & lodging) at the camp, some campsites may not have the electricity, Come with zero expectations. Call our team on +919584884666 or +916264531128 for travel, transportation, details or write to kunosheopurvulture@gmail.com for any other queries. ***Rules related to Eligibility/Selections*** •Any Participant who intend to attend the survey should be the age of 18 or above 18 before applying and can walk minimum 10-15 KMs in a day. •The participant should have the expertise in identify the Birds &Vulture Species. •The Participants will have to bear the individual cost of travel. •Based on the information provided in the application form the department and the organizers will select the participant. •Final selected participants will be informed through emails. INVITATION TO THE KUNO-SHEOPUR VULTURE CUM BIRD SURVEY 26th to 29th NOVEMBER 2020 Important COVID-19 Guidelines- •As per the order of APCCF Gwalior (M.P.) a negative SARS-CoV2 (COVID 19) Antigen test (either RTPCR or Rapid) not more than 5 days old is mandatory to attend the survey. •Wear mask at all times. •Maintain a 2 m distance with everyone else. •No handshakes or hugging. •Always carry a soap or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. •Maintain proper sneezing and coughing etiquettes. •Do not dispose any waste in the forest area. •Please do not attend the survey if suffering from symptoms like- Fever, Cough or cold, Breathlessness. Dos & Don’t •You will at all times abide by the rules and regulations of the Forest Department and the organizers. •A day pack bag enough to carry packed food, medical kit, Power bank, Water bottle, note book, field guide, one layer of cloth. •A pair of Binoculars-Mandatory •Water bottle- Mandatory •Power Bank-Survey to be recorded on E-bird application, so ensure it recharge 2-3 times in a day. •Field guide •Carry your medicine along with you since medical facilities are limited in the region. •Do not wear brightly colored clothes. •Do carry warm clothes. • Smoking and Consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited. • Always follow and obey the instruction of the forest guards or experts accompanying you. • Do not wander off from the general set path. • Do not collect anything from the forest. • Maintain a safe distance from wildlife. • Keep a track of time and ensure you return to your base camp at the pre-decided time. • Good or record shots of unidentified or rare birds will be extremely helpful and necessary in some cases, Sharp image are not the intended output of the survey. .