WNC News/Event

Finally announcing the winners of the event "Bagh Sakha" organized by WNC (wildlife and nature conservancy, Indore) in coordination with MPTFS. A small brief about the judge: Shri Shriram Jog An artist par excellence. He has not only been one of the iconic amateur theater artists but also has the experience of hosting 2 collage exhibitions nationally( Jahangir art Gallery) He has been a part of Natya Bharti - one of the very first theater groups in Indore post-independence. He not only is an experienced actor-director but also has the uncanny ability to design the stages for plays & art-related functions. He was also featured in the movie " Padman" and many more. The winners of the competition are- 1st prize- Mahi Agrawal 2nd -Anirudha Bhati 3rd- Shubhangana Kanthed Consolation prizes- Shubra Pavecha Purab Sachdev Zainab Bootwala.