WNC News/Event

On 5th March 2023, WNC, Indore organized a cycle rally to observe the World Wildlife Day that was on 3rd. The cycle rally had one motive, to create awareness among citizens of Indore towards the wildlife, its importance and also to try to connect them to the nature. The rally route had one crucial stop-over, "the Indore Zoo". The zoological garden in Indore is a very well developed one and we Indorians are very proud of how it has slowly shaped up. People took great interest, and a small briefing session was held inside the zoo during that stop over. This was addressed by our chairperson Mr. Anil Nagar. He explained the theme of wildlife day and added wisdom to the concept of collaboration for conservation with anecdotes from his experiences as an ex-officer himself. The rally then went off to cross the city and reached Rajwada to honor and remember Devi Ahilyabai Holkar. After paying off our respect, we went on to enjoy our Indori spirit with "poha and jalebi". All in all a good way to create awareness. .