WNC News/Event

2nd Bird Survey at Sanjay Dubri Tiger Reserve was organised by Forest Department at Sanjay Dubri in collaboration with WNC, Indore from 25th -28th Jan 2024. Enthusiastic birders were ready to explore a new and relatively unchartered habitat. Field director Mr Amit Dubey himself was present during the inaugural event and the interaction between all the birders and forest staff was full of inspiring stories, experiences and expectations. The objective of the survey was to describe the extent of avi-fauna in the tiger reserve during winter season. For this we collected the data from across the park.The reserve forest showed great potential ,species wise considering the time of the year. We hope the resulting data on completion will shed new light on hidden secrets of this untouched and unexplored jungle. A jungle which is magnificent and spectacular to witness as a wildlife enthusiast also shows promises across the landscape for major birding hotspots. WNC, Indore once again feels lucky to contribute to wildlife and habitat management and to compile, process and analyse data for action. This will aid the community to take informed decisions for improving conservation strategies exponentially. Some of the early inputs on the relatively rare findings as far as central Indian landscape is concerned are- Common merganser Pallied harrier Eurassian griffon White capped bunting Black tailed godwit Streak throated woodpecker Indian Skimmer Black capped kingfisher As a token of love, affection and appreciation of the monumental work they do, blankets were distributed to the ground staff from the fees that was deposited by participants for bird survey. The remainder was used to procure kits for the participants. Heartfelt gratitude towards entire staff of SDTR for all the logistic and support during the survey. At last would like to thanks all the volunteers for using their skills, hard work and time in bringing out the desired results of the bird survey. Team WNC, Indore .